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Eccles Cakes


Eccles Cakes – Did you know?


            Legend has it, these cakes were once outlawed in England by the Puritan’s under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell – they were considered just too good!

These light ‘Butter’ Puff pastry cakes with their spiced currant filling were originally created over 300 years ago in the township of Eccles in the Lancashire settlement just outside Manchester, its residents and visitors alike were even jailed if found eating one of these deliciously fruity Cakes!

Tip: Slightly warming your Eccles cake in an oven for just a couple of minutes, really brings out the fruity flavours . Best enjoyed with a nice tea or coffee!

Wensley’s Eccles Cakes preserve both the history and flavours of the original recipe and are baked fresh just for you.

 Some affectionate and traditional nicknames for this tasty Fayre include and with No offence taken

‘Dead Fly Pies’, ‘Fly Cemeteries’ and ‘Squashed Fly Biscuits’

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